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Search and Hiring: Moving Expenses

The State of Washington is very specific about how moving expenses can be handled for both commercial and self moves.

The Office of Financial Management defines moving expenses under Chapter 60. Under 60.10.30.a, it states that "Any agency may pay the moving expenses of a qualified new employee hired in a permanent position who must move to accept state employment, pursuant to mutual agreement with the employee in advance of such employment. The payment of moving expenses for a new employee is normally limited to executive, professional, administrative personnel in supervisory positions, or other personnel having both executive and professional status."

Before you start making arrangements for a new employee's relocation, please contact Stuart Thompson, Purchasing Manager, at 963-1004 or When you notify the Purchasing Office that a new employee will receive a moving allowance, they will mail a letter to the new employee detailing the moving process. The letter will include a copy of the Department of General Administrations' "Employee Moving Guide & A33 Relocation Authorization Form" and the required paperwork.

For additional information:

    Chapter 60 - Moving Expenses - Office of Financial Management (OFM site)
    Relocation Procedures (Purchasing Office)

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