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Human Resources

Request for Mailing Label Data

Use this form to request data for mailing labels from the CWU Payroll System.
(For CWU use only.)

Please submit this request at least five working days prior to date needed.

example: (509)-555-5555

Please note: We can only provide mailing information for current, non-student employees.


There is no cost for this request. However by filling out this form, you agree to the following: Once you have created your labels, you will destroy the data document due to frequent changes in the information. You agree to provide Human Resources with any address corrections or other data updates as a result of mailings or other contact associated with this request. You will use the information provided to you only for the express purpose you have stated above. Any other use of this information is strictly prohibited. You also agree to pay any postal charges, including change of address fees.

Once the request is received by the Human Resources Office, it will be processed in a timely manner. If the information you are requesting cannot be delivered by the desired date due to payroll data entry deadlines or other restrictions, you will be notified immediately by telephone.