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Human Resources

Online Registration

Thank you for your patience through this time of transition of switching to PeopleSoft to enroll for professional development courses.  This module will allow for you to register online and keep track of the courses you have taken.  You will also be able to upload courses taken from other agencies and organizations providing a place to monitor your professional development.  Our goal is that by June, we will have a process that is user-friendly.

To register for courses, please login to Wildcat Connection >> Employee Link >> Self-Service>>Self-Service>> Learning and Development>>Request Training Enrollment.  Or login to Wildcat Connection>> Staff Safari>> Self-Service>> Learning and Development>>Request Training Enrollment.  Click here for a quick step-by-step guide on how to register. 

Basic Tips for Registering:

First, go to the Course Catalog to view the list of courses available.  Second, login following the steps above.  When you arrive to the page, Request Training Enrollment, there will be a page with various options on how to search for a course.

  • If you search by course name, you may leave the text box blank and click search.  A list of all the available courses will be displayed, or
  • You can search by course number listed on the course calendar for example, "HRC001" or, 
  • You can search by date by typing in the date of when the course is offered. 


If you have questions, please contact Veronica Gomez-Vilchis at  (509) 963-2205, or Gail Farmer at (509) 963-2206,

We hope that this new system will allow for better tracking and reporting!