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Human Resources

Purpose, Objectives, and Goals


The Human Resources Department Training and Development Program has been designed to support and promote Central Washington University's mission, vision, and values. The purpose is to improve performance, productivity, and bottom-line department results. This, in turn, allows staff to achieve their full potential and better align individual goals and competencies with performance objectives. The results lead to measurable and sustained improvements for Central Washington University.

2. Objectives

  • Improve manager and supervisor effectiveness
  • Improve staff effectiveness
  • Improve workplace relations
  • Build more effective work teams
  • Improve organizational problem-solving
  • Improve service to internal and external customers
  • Increase awareness of equal employment opportunity laws
  • Increase understanding of how diverse perspectives can improve overall performance

3. Goals

  • Have clearly stated goals and learning objectives
  • Use appropriate training approaches, methods and materials
  • Provide advance information to faculty and staff on course content and instruction methods, attendance policy, and alternatives for learning
  • Be provided in a supportive and non-coercive environment
  • Be practical - not just theoretical, but a practical informational approach to solving everyday challenges
  • Be conducted only be experienced and fully qualified instructors
  • Be monitored and regularly evaluated