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Human Resources

Professional Leave

To enhance the university's instructional and research programs professional leave may be granted as provided under RCW 28B.10.650.

  • Only employees who have been in exempt service at the university for at least four years are eligible for professional leave. Exempt employees with part-time appointments may qualify for professional leave on a prorated basis.
  • A completed application (instructions and form available at here and shall be filed with the applicant's supervisor at least six months before the time the applicant wishes to take leave, unless the supervisor agrees to waive the six-month notice.
  • The application, with recommendations, shall be forwarded through all appropriate levels of supervision to the president. Upon receipt of the application and recommendations, the president shall prepare his/her final recommendations and present them to the board of trustees for action.

For complete information and detailed instructions see section 4.16 of the Exempt Policy / Procedures.

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