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Weekly Wisdom 10-19-2015

Children are like kites
You spend a lifetime trying to get  them off the ground
You run with them until  you’re both breathless
They crash – You add a longer tail
They hit the rooftop –
You pluck them out of the spout.
You patch and comfort –
Adjust and teach
You watch them lifted by the wind and assure them that someday
they’ll fly!
Finally, you keep letting it out and with
each twist of the ball of twine there
is a sadness that goes with joy –
because the kite becomes more distant and
somehow you know that it won’t be long
before that beautiful creature will snap the
lifeline that bound you together and soar
as it was meant to soar –
Free and Alone
-Sara Ruble-

Seems to me that our customers are sort of like our children.  They ask for help, we give advice.  They crash.  We pluck them up, patch and comfort, adjust and team...they flutter in the wind.  Hopefully, they will eventually soar, at least on a good day.  Keep the faith everyone.  Thanks for all your good work.

I’ve been reading the book Beyond Measure by Margaret Heffernan.  She’s the lady that did the TED talk that I tried to play at the last all staff meeting.  Her talk can be found at:

She writes (page 100):
One more thing...
A Denver resort, seeking to motivate and inspire its customer service team, came up with a simple mechanism.  After you’ve done what was required, ask yourself: What one more thing could I do to make these people happy?  In one case, lost walkers were pointed in the right direction – but then also given some snacks and water to keep them going.  In another case, a phone operator cataloged all the easy workarounds to recurrent problems.  In every instance, employees found that they could always identify one more thing that would make a difference – and that thing was what they enjoyed most, because it was their idea.

So my one more thing is simply to ask: What small change made a big impact on your work?  On your culture?  Let your mind wander.  You’ll find it.  Then share it.




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