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Weekly Wisdom 8-28-2015




September 28, 2015




Wash buckets, dirt buckets, sand buckets, fishing buckets, “Buckets of rain, Buckets of tears,” (sung by Bob Dylan)…it’s almost October and I am reminded about buckets of leaves and buckets of blessings.  It is definitely fall outside.  36° as I type...



Crisp smoke-scented air
Swirls in the autumn breeze
Perfuming the fleeting daylight.
The soft wind lifts
Fallen leaves from their piles
And they dance across the spinney
A spontaneous chorus of colour
And metaphor
Reminding me that the
True beauty of this season is
More than its coolness
More than its colour, and
Much less about the falling leaves.
Mostly, it’s about filling my
Senses to overflowing
Causing me to take pause and
Drink in summer’s wine

Ana Marie Cauce

From Sunday’s Seattle Times, on the University of Washington’s interim president, Ana Marie Cauce (rhymes with calamari and then cow-say):

Cauce, 59, has spent nearly all of her professional life at the UW. She has earned a reputation as warmhearted and approachable, a workaholic who never stops thinking about the university and a decisive leader who’s not afraid to take risks.
Six months after she was tapped as interim president, there appears to be widespread support among students, faculty and staff to remove the word “interim” from her title.
Internal candidates hardly ever get the job.  “Their warts are known, they’ve had to make difficult decisions … their enemies are right there on campus,” Block McLaughlin said.
To a remarkable degree, Cauce seems to have avoided those pitfalls. Even those who have disagreed with her say they admire her candor and willingness to collaborate.
Asked how she would address the perception that the UW is arrogant, Cauce paused for a long time before giving her answer.
The fix, she says, will have to come by teaching people that the UW is “elite but not elitist” — that about a third of the UW’s in-state undergrads are first-generation students, for example.
At the end of the day, "it’s not changing who we are, it’s making the kinds of human contacts that make it clear who we are,” she said.

I like that:

“...making the kinds of human contacts that make it clear
who we are...”


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