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Human Resources

Designated Lunch Rooms and Other Available Space

LocationOther Available Space (Multi-use)RefrigeratorMicro
Barge 203 YesYes
Black 143(key) YesYes
Black 225-30A(key) YesYes
Bouillon 105X Yes
Farrell Hall 329 YesYes
Farrell Hall 429 YesYes
Grounds BuildingEffective 12/8/05, this is no longer a smoking facilityYesYes
Hertz HallX Office Break Room
Student Break Room
International Center YesStove
Jongeward 123 YesYes
Library 205(code) YesYes
L&L 106EX Yes
Michaelsen 202(key) YesYes
Michaelsen/RandallSkybridge Yes
Mitchell 108 YesYes
Old Heating Plant(9 people) YesYes
P.E. Building 116 YesYes
Psychology 470 YesYes
Science 311 YesYes
Shaw/Smyser 310X Yes
Shaw/Smyser 225X Yes
Theatre Arts 127X Yes
Student Union Building (SUB)Cafeteria


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