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360° Rating System

II. 360° Rating System~

A 360° review is a tool to assist the supervisor in gathering information about an individual's performance by summarizing the perspectives of the employee's higher level supervisor, direct reports, peers, and/or customers. The information gathered is then utilized as one part of the supervisor's overall performance development plan for the employee. The utilization of the 360° review process supports the goal of providing the employee the full scope of feedback and observation regarding their performance.

The 360° form includes a sample of universal criteria that generally can be applied to all positions. The human resources staff is available to assist supervisors who want to modify the criteria to make it more specific to a position.

Implementation of this system may require additional training and reassurance to staff that the information is only to be used for the final review of their performance. Please contact your HR Representative who can assist you with implementing a 360° review program in your area.

Guidelines for Using the 360° Tool
360° Form (PDF)
360° Form (Word)
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