Human Resources

Life Insurance

Employer and Employee Paid

Employer Paid

The University provides $25,000 of life insurance and $5,000 of accidental death and dismemberment insurance to eligible employees at no charge.

Employee Paid (Optional)

Additional coverage of up to $750,000 may be available for purchase for employees and up to half of the employee's insured amount may be available for purchase for employee's spouse. For additional information, contact the plan.

Life insurance enrollment must occur within 60 days of eligibility. After the initial 60-day period, proof of good health to add life insurance must be provided.

Information on the additional life insurance which may be purchased is available online: Life Insurance Information


Insurance Provider:

ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, 1-866-689-6990

Requests to enroll after the first 60 days of employment require evidence of insurability and insurance company approval.