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Human Resources

HR Planning and Effectiveness

The Human Resources Department is focused toward a continuous improvement process. This includes setting goals to achieve, regularly measuring our performance, and gathering feedback from our customers. These pages are available to share our process and progress.

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Mission Statement

In partnership with the University community, provide excellent human resources services, innovative solutions, and visionary leadership in support of the educational mission.

Statement of Values

We value...

Our our number one priority and the primary focus of our advocacy, our planning, our service, and our stewardship. That all members of the University community are treated with respect and dignity, have opportunities for professional growth and development, receive fair and equitable treatment, and work in a safe environment.

Our human resources enthusiastic, dedicated, responsive professionals who work collaboratively as a team, trust and respect each other, demonstrate personal integrity, and are committed to maintaining the highest level of service to our customers.

Our a special place for faculty, staff, and students, providing a unique and invaluable opportunity to work and learn.

Our skilled professionals internal and external to the University who, through their specialties and expertise, help us to accomplish our mission.

Vision Statement

  • To ensure that the University is an employer of choice.
  • To be a valued partner at all levels of the University.
  • To be a leader of innovative Human Resources (HR) services.

We envision the CWU Human Resources Department as being recognized as. . 

An organization guided by the concepts of flexibility, creativity and timely responsiveness to the many and diverse needs of employees (individuals or groups) and administrators seeking its array of consultative and support services.

An effective and efficient organization to both external and internal constituencies that provides practical, reliable advice and services to all employees, managers and administrators.

A dynamic, responsive organization with the internal capability to address emerging needs and issues.

An integral part of the strategic planning process at all levels of the University, with the ability to understand and bring value to the missions of our customers.

A highly effective, transformational organization with a strategic, value added, leadership focus.

An organization that is a supported, highly valued, and respected partner for senior leadership in accomplishing the University's mission.

An organization whose staff members demonstrate these professional qualities, competencies, and attitudes through:

  • An ability to clearly articulate the role and value of human resources in meeting the needs of our customers.
  • A commitment to work together as a team, which includes both our internal and external partnerships.
  • An ability and desire to redefine and simplify business strategies, structures, and processes to improve organizational efficiency and competitiveness.
  • An eagerness to acquire and apply professional/technical knowledge, skills, experience, and judgments to accomplish results and serve customers better.
  • An ability to generate innovative solutions, explore non-traditional ideas, and apply best practices to ensure impact of mission and key initiatives.
  • An ability, and passion, to respond to the customer's needs in a manner that provides added value and generates significant customer satisfaction.
  • Excellence, honesty, and integrity by actions that reflect professional standards and acting respectfully when working with customers and each other.

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