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Requirements for Onboarding New Staff and Additional CWU Resources

This toolkit includes instructions for successful onboarding of new staff and other optional opportunities which add to the fulfillment of all CWU employees.

Your First Couple of Weeks - What to Expect

You've arrived! Welcome to Central! You have likely met with your supervisor and possibly your ambassador. Now you may be wondering, "What do I do next? Are there things I need to take care of as a new employee?" Click on the link below to learn about things you need to focus on during your first couple of weeks of work at CWU.

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Your First Month - What to Expect

Make decisions about your benefits, complete required training, explore systems learning opportunities, review payroll information and University policies, and get to know the services offered through Service Desk.

Go: Your First Month

Ongoing Onboarding - What to Expect

With some work hours under your belt, you might take the time now to explore the broad range of opportunities available to you as a CWU employee!

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