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Human Resources

May 2010

Subject - Webpage for Clubs & Organizations

Comment: I would like to suggest that there be an updated webpage for clubs and organizations. This page would be a central location for ALL pertinent club information such as recognized clubs and their contact information, bi-laws, paper work that could be printed off (funds request packet, etc.) and possibly even current events. As a new club on campus we have had such a hard time jumping through all the hoops because information is scattered rather than all in one location. We would love to see a more extensive and currently updated webpage. I see that they have updated some of it recently but it would be nice to have all info available through it. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

Forwarded to: John Drinkwater - Senior Director, Campus Life & Student Facility Development

Response: The webpage for clubs and organizations can be found at The minutes, constitution, attendance records, contact information for all clubs and important event reminders are included on this webpage.

Subject - Facility to House Pets

Comment: Since students cannot have pets in dorms, is there a nearby facility that will house students' pets such as cats?

Forwarded to: Richard DeShields - Senior Director, University Housing & New Student Programs

Response: I am not certain of such a facility. For students who are not required to live on campus, there are apartments in the community that do allow pets. Not all apartments do allow pets; therefore, it is important to check with individual apartment companies.

Subject - Smoking Area Outside SURC

Comment: Why is there a smoking area right outside the west doors of the SURC? The smoke lingers in the breeze way and never circulates out. During the day, I always have to hold my breath while walking in or out of those doors. It would be nice if there was an area away from the main entrance to accommodate those that smoke and in return, would allow those that hate the smell of smoke to breathe.

Forwarded to: Cherie Wilson - Associate Director, Student Union Operations

Response: Thank you for your suggestion, I will take your suggestion to the next Student Union Advisory Board meeting to be addressed as a public concern.

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