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Human Resources

March 2010

Subject - Conferences & Scheduling

Comment: I suggest that the conference department and the scheduling department merge. They both basically do the same thing and having them both is costing money. Scheduling does more than the Conference Department does and to use the SubRec, Scheduling has to be used. People are paying twice by using both. The Conference Center does not do what it was set up to do any longer.

Forwarded to: Sherer Holter - Chief of Staff

Response: The President and the cabinet are continuing to assess the organizational alignment within and between divisions. This suggestion along with others that have been received will be part of the assessment.

Subject - Free Tax Service

Question: A few years ago I attended CWU-Ellensburg and they offered free tax service to students and the community. I am now attending once again and am wondering if the same service is available this year. I have yet to see any flyers or announcements this year regarding this service.

Forwarded to: Sharon Damm - Accounting Department

Response: We have CWU students who volunteer on their own with AARP Tax Aid. The assistance is available Fridays, 9:30 to 3:00 PM at the Adult Activity Center; 506 South Pine; Ellensburg, WA.

Subject - Welcome Center

Question: I'm just curious as to whether the new welcome center is a welcome center or the new parking information kiosk as the sign suggests. Seems a little confusing to the general public and possible future students.

Forwarded to: John Swiney - Associate VP for Enrollment Management

Response: Thank you for the thoughtful observation regarding signage for the new Welcome Center.

The parking information kiosk sign is temporary and we hope it will keep new and even frequent visitors who have old maps and are looking for the parking kiosk from driving past the center. The sign will be replaced by a larger Welcome Center sign and electronic reader board in a month or so.

Subject - Performing Arts and Presidential Speaker Series

Question: How much state funds are used to bring the presidential speakers and performers?

Forwarded to: Judy Miller, Executive Assistant to the President

Response: During the 2009-10 academic year, approximately $38,000 in state funds have been used to support the Performing Arts and Presidential Speaker Series.

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