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Human Resources

Mandatory Training

As outlined in CWU Policy 2-30-260, the following training courses are required for all faculty and staff:

  1. New Employee Welcome (all civil service and exempt employees)
  2. Preventing Sexual Harassment
  3. Diversity for All Employees (Previously, Preventing Employment Discrimination)
  4. Title IX
  5. Emergency Preparedness

As outlined in CWU Procedure 1-70-170, the expectation of the mandatory training will be met as follows:

Complete New Employee Welcome within the first month of employment. 

Complete the following classes every three years:  Sexual Harassment, Diversity for All Employees (Discrimination), and Title IX. These classes are offered in-person as well as online.  The NEW online version, for faculty and staff, allows you to create an account that enables you to keep track of when you took the courses.  You may also print out your certificate at any time in case you misplace it.  Keep your login information in a safe space that you can remember to access whenever you need to login. A NEW student online version is available as well.

Complete the Emergency Preparedness class every two years.    You may also test your knowledge regarding ethics by taking the Ethics Quiz provided by the Washington State Executive Ethics Board.  See the table below for more information.

Name of Course In-PersonOnline Option
New Employee WelcomeOne time, 1st Thursday of the monthEnrollment InstructionsNot available at this time.

Sexual Harassment, Diversity for All Employees (Discrimination), & Title IX          
(Faculty & Staff)

Every three yearsEnrollment Instructions

Link to Online Class
(Not necessary to enroll for the online class)

Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, & Title IX                  (Students Only)Every three yearsEnrollment InstructionsLink to Online Class
Emergency PreparednessEvery two yearsEnrollment InstructionsNot available at this time.
Recommended: Ethics QuizRecommendedNot available at this timeLink to Quiz