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Human Resources

Leaving CWU

The chart below lists the responsibilities of the supervisor and the employee who has decided to leave CWU:

Supervisor's Duties

Employee's Duties

At First Notice of DepartureWhen You Decide to Leave CWU

1.  Obtain resignation or retirement letter from the employee

2.  Forward a copy of the resignation or retirement letter to the Human  Resources Department

3.  Complete the online Employee Checkout Slip

4.  Terminate or Retire the employee in Manager Self-Service:

  • Sign-in to MyCWU
  • Choose the Main Menu
  • Choose Human Resources
  • Choose Manager Self-Service
  • Choose CW Transactions
  • Choose Terminate/Retire Employee

5.  Confirm that the employee received the Leaving CWU Checklist from the HR Partner

6.  Provide employee the Knowledge Transfer Template if necessary

7.  Recommend that employee meet with the Benefits Staff

8.  Work with Human Resources to hire replacement

1.  Submit a letter of resignation or retirement to your supervisor stating your last day of employment

2.  Complete the online Exit Survey (a link to the survey will be sent to you via email by your HR Partner)

3.  Would you like to schedule an optional Exit Interview?  If so, please contact your HR Partner

4.  If you received the Knowledge Transfer Template from your supervisor, please complete it as soon as possible

5.  Please schedule a meeting with the Benefits Staff by contacting the Human Resources Department at (509) 963-1202 or email





On the Employee's Last DayYour Last Day of Employment

1.  Obtain Leaving CWU Checklist from the employee, verify completion, and place it in the department file

2.  Confirm that the employee has returned all CWU property (computers, mobile devices, tools, safety equipment, uniforms, etc.)

3.  Ensure that the employee returns all CWU keys to the Lock Shop in Jongeward

4.  Ensure that the employee returns his/her Parking Permit to Parking Office

5.  Obtain voicemail password

Return the following items (as applicable):

1.  All CWU property (telephone, laptop, etc.)

2.  Connection Card

3.  CWU Keys to the Lock Shop in Jongeward

4.  Library Materials

5.  Parking Permit

6.  Please reset your voicemail password and inform your supervisor

7.  Return your completed Leaving CWU Checklist to supervisor

Soon After the Employee's Last Day 

Remove access to department list-serves and/or accounts


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