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Human Resources

June 2012

Subject - Camp C-Woo

Question: Camp C-Woo summer camp ran by recreation has increased there fee and flexibility for this summers program. They are blaming the Presidents 27% tax as there reason but they are increasing the fee more than 27% and they are removing all flexibility to the program can someone compare the program from past years with this years and see if they are justified or are just making all of there profit off of staff and faculty parents for loss from other programs this year.

Forwarded to: Corey Sinclair  - Coordinator, Collegiate Sport Clubs and Summer Camps

Response: A question was passed onto us concerning University Recreation’s Camp C-Woo program and the changes that have been implemented for this summer. We appreciate your concerns and hope these answers will provide some clarity. If you still have additional questions or concerns please contact Corey Sinclair with University Recreation directly. Corey can be contacted at or 509.963.3516.

Camp C-Woo has been providing services to the students, faculty, and staff of CWU for more than a decade.  Parents in the community have provided very positive feedback about this program.  One challenge we face in our program is ensuring that our staff levels match the number of campers registered on a given day.  This has been an ongoing challenge and a moving target based on our previous registration process.  In order to ensure the success of the program we have to adjust our structure and have requested families to make commitments for the summer rather than day-to-day so that we may accurately account for staffing levels. 

Yes, registration fees have been increased this year.  This change has been reflective of the increase of our costs to offer the program including: food cost, transportation cost, admission fee increases to some of our popular destinations, staffing costs in the form of state minimum wage increases, and the need for us to support administrative services we use on campus.

The increase in registration cost is not providing support for other areas within University Recreation. The increase has been unavoidable as this program is a self-support budget that receives a small portion of funding from a student based organization that subsidizes the student rates associated directly with Camp C-Woo.  We are doing all that we can to continue to provide this service to our students and our community.  This registration increase is not a response to one tax or another it is a requirement to cover multiple increasing costs of providing a positive experience for our students and the youth of our community.

It is important to note that prior to making these changes we wanted to collect input and feedback from parents that registered in previous years. This spring University Recreation distributed a survey to collect feedback to help us plan for this upcoming summer. The structure we have created for this summer took into account the feedback we received from that survey.

Our goal for this summer is to create a financially sustainable model.  We hope the model we have launched accomplishes this goal and that we are able to continue to provide this program in the future. We see value in this program as it provides jobs to students, it creates learning opportunities and hands on experience for students preparing for careers working with children, and it provides youth in the community a positive experience on our wonderful campus.

Again, if you would like to discuss this further please contact our department. Thank you for your concerns.

Subject - University Way Speeding

Suggestion: I have a follow-up to a comment from the February 2012 archives regarding the speeding problem on University Way. Let's ask the city or have the university place Portable radar units or "dollies" to track vehicle speeds and display them for passing motorists. Not only will this bring their speed to the motorists attention (we all need reminders sometimes), but it will allow others assistance in judging vehicle speeds in the off chance someone wants to jay walk (its a fact of life; might as well increase the safety). I would like to see this implemented permanently on University Way in front of the college campus. Thank you for forwarding my comment.

Forwarded to: Mike Luvera - Director of Police Services

Response: I will forward this suggestion to the City of Ellensburg for consideration.

Subject - Bicyclists

Comment: I have worked here for two years and I think it is a wonderful campus. A beautiful campus with very nice people. However there is a major safety issue with how fast people ride their bikes here. I have almost been hit by people on bikes several times. Each day I see people riding their bikes so fast through large crowds of people. The worst area is the Walnut sidewalk. I am shocked at how fast people ride their bikes their in the midst of a large amount of pedestrian traffic. I actually get nervous walking in that area. There does not seem to be any effort to get people to slow down. Someone is going to get seriously injured by a bike on this campus. I wish something would be done to prevent that from happening.

Forwarded to: Mike Luvera - Director of Police Services

Response: The University Police Department offers many programs to educate students on bicycle safety. We spend time talking about bicycling on and around campus, especially on the congested malls and busy streets. Over the school year our bicycle enforcement patrol time has increased and we hope to maintain our visibility on bicycles into Fall Quarter.

Subject - Hamburger Meat Additive

Question: Does Dining Services purchase hamburger with the "pink slime" added to it. With all of the media reports about this additive to hamburger, it sounds like a product that we as students should be made aware of so can avoid if we so desire.

Forwarded to: Dan Layman - Director, Dining Services

Response: Dining Services purchases 100% All Beef hamburger patties for Dining and we get our meats from Ray's meats in Yakima and they indicated to us that  the product in question is not used in their patty manufacturing.  Rays is a smaller regional  meat supplier and the process to use or make "pink slime" is too involved for a small regional supplier to use.

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