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Human Resources

July 2010

Subject - Central Transit

Comment: The Central Transit system, although I know not directly Central's company, is awful. I'm working a few jobs, can't quite afford a car yet, and have waited for an hour and 40 minutes before giving up on Central Transit. I've had to walk in the heat, rain, and snow because I know I need to get to work and can never rely on Central Transit. I know many other people that have the same problem as I do. It is not acceptable to get students' hopes up on having a bus system if it unreliable. I'm working two jobs trying to make ends meet and having to worry about transportation has not been helpful.

Forwarded to: Steve Rittereiser - Chief of Public Safety & Police Services

Response: Sorry you had to wait an unusual amount of time and then had to walk to your destination. This is not the standard we have come to expect from the company we have contracted with to provide Central Transit service. Central Transit buses generally circulate to each stop in 30 minutes or less. Likely there was an equipment breakdown or other unforeseen circumstance. Public Safety will contact our Central Transit service provider to make them aware of this situation and to state our desire for timely service. Should you have a similar problem you can call the HopeSource/Central Transit transportation center at 509-933-2287 for more immediate information. Additional information about Central Transit can be found at

Subject - Commencement

Suggestion: I have a suggestion about graduation commencement ceremonies. As far as I understand it, graduation is conducted in an alphabetical fashion, as opposed to departments (ex: Arts and Humanities, Sciences, etc.). As a student graduating next year, I find this version of graduation to be unfair to the students on a personal level. I am with the same people in the majority of my classes, and I would love to be with all of my classmates when I graduate, rather than a bunch of strangers. I feel that graduation is about celebrating our accomplishments, and what better way to do that than with the people that you have worked hard with over the course of many years? I know of many other schools that have commencement ceremonies this way, and it seems to be beneficial to both students and family alike. Students get to be with their friends, and parents don't have to sit through as long of ceremonies. Thank you for your consideration

Forwarded to: Tracy Terrell - Registrar

Response: Eastside Commencement is broken into 2 ceremonies, and they are separated by college. So, students in the same college/major will be able to walk together. We do not place students in alphabetical order. We actually, just assign the students to a row that they will be walking in. If students want to be in the same line as their friends, they may do so, they just need to switch row cards with someone in the same line as their friends.

This typically works quite well for students. Then the students write their name on the back of the card, and give their row/name card to read their name as they walk across the stage. Hope that helps answer the question.

Subject - Pool Use

Question: As an alumni living in the area, are the pool facilities open for my use?

Forwarded to: Cody Sims - Fitness and Membership Services Coordinator, University Recreation

Response: Beginning Friday, July 16, the City of Ellensburg Memorial Pool (located at 815 East Sixth Ave) will be available for Open Recreation and Lap Swims, due to the closure of the CWU Aquatic Center.

If you are a current CWU Recreation Center member, you may access the Memorial Pool during the listed Lap Swim and Open Recreation Swim times for no additional fee (children/dependents must pay a day use fee). To access the Memorial Pool during these times, please bring your CWU Connection Card.

If you are not a current CWU Recreation Center member (CWU alumni, Ellensburg community, etc), you can access Memorial Pool during the Lap Swim and Open Recreation Swim times by paying the day use fee. For a complete listing of day use fees, please visit the City of Ellensburg's web site at and click on the Memorial Pool quick link. To view the pool schedule, click here.

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