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Human Resources

January 2011

Subject - Printing Page Limit

Suggestion: It would be nice to see a printed page limit per student for each quarter. The limit should be high enough to accommodate a reasonable need, but low enough to prevent wasteful practices.

Forwarded to: Carmen Rahm - Assistant Vice President, ITS

Response: The ITS Department is already investigating Pay-for-Print services to go in the labs. In a recent survey of over 700 CWU students, 80% favored a Pay-for-Print solution with approximately 100-200 FREE print pages/student/quarter. A pilot test of software is already underway with the hopes of deploying on campus in a "full-test" in Spring/Summer and potentially a full deployment by Fall 2011 (this year). ITS is waiting for students to join the Student Technology Fee to help review and approve this initiative, as it is the Student Tech Fee that pays for all student printing on campus. In short...we 100% agree with this suggestion, and are already working toward this solution.

Subject - Registration

Question: Why do certain groups get early or "priority" registration? Especially if they are "first-generation", it's completely unfair and ridiculous, many students are angry about this. Also why are some online classes "reserved" by location and branches of CWU get to register first over people on the main campus if its online, it's kind of ridiculous.

Forwarded to: Tracy Terrell - Registrar

Response: Central does provide early registration for a very small group of students based on student needs or special accommodations. These priorities are determined by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Academic Advising and Registrar Services. We do not make the decisions lightly, and review specific situations and requests in order to support at-risk populations, and to ensure success at CWU on a regular basis.

In addition, CWU receives special funding from the state for high demand programs. The funding that is received must be used for these high demand programs first (and the population of students in those programs), before we can open up seats to the larger CWU population. This is why some seats are reserved until open enrollment at the Campus Centers.

Subject - Faculty/Staff Directory

Question: Could you please put a directory of faculty/staff in an easy-to-find location? I found the library directory. . .but not for general faculty. I want to look up someone's title. Thanks.

Forwarded to: Jesse Days - ITS Web Developer

Response: Thank you for your comment. As we approach the CMS/re-design of the University Web site project, Public Affairs (the lead agency on the project) will address this and many other navigational issues.

Subject - Parking

Question: There has been a grey van parked in the same place at the Ball Field Park parking lot on Alder for at least two months. I have contacted Ellensburg Code Enforcement twice about this. Now I have been told that this property belongs to CWU. Please check into this, and have this vehicle towed away. How long does something need to continue until it is acted upon? I know that the campus police, code enforcement and the Ellensburg police are consistently driving on Alder, but drive with blinders on!

Forwarded to: Steve Rittereiser - Chief of Public Safety & Police Services

Response: The University Police Department has been notified of your concern. Please contact CWU police dispatch at 925-8534 if you need to report future non-emergency police business. Parking in the ballfield parking lot is free and does not require a permit. If the vehicle is licensed and operable it should be fine.

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