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Inspiration comes in all forms


Inspiration comes in all forms. I get a lot of mail selling things from training ideas to computing solutions to rewards and recognition programs. I also get information from other institutions. I received the following as a marketing campaign from Berea College. Berea is a small Christian-based college in Kentucky. I liked the story, by Ernest “Ernie” Graham, Class of 1949:

One Sunday afternoon in the 1940s, a former student told me that a friend of ours was in the hospital and needed blood. I got in a car and left campus immediately, without permission. I gave blood and returned to the campus that evening.

On Monday morning, I received a note to report to Dean Shutt’s office immediately. Dean Shutt was very stern and asked me if I had left the campus on Sunday without permission. I informed Dean that I had left the campus in a great rush to go to Lexington, Kentucky to give blood to a friend.

Since I left without permission, Dean would have to find me $5, as this was a very serious violation of the rules.

I informed Dean Shutt that I did not have $5 and that I would have to work a long time to pay the bill. At that time, I made twelve cents an hour at my Berea College campus job.

At the beginning of the next quarter, I went to the Labor Office to settle my bill for the next nine weeks of school. The cost was $36.20, including the fine, and I knew that I was going to be short and would have to get a student loan.

I stood in line wondering what I was going to do when I was told that I did not have enough money to pay the bill. A college student was in charge of my line, and I gave her my name. She pulled my file out and hesitated for a brief moment.

A great smile appeared on her face, and she told me that I had received a scholarship for the full amount of my bill for “my willingness to help others.” Dean Shutt had recommended me for the scholarship and I was very relieved to be debt free.

I feel like we have the ability every day to do good work as this story illustrates for both Dean Shutt and Mr. Graham. Each led with their heart and did the right thing. Here are CWU, we call this the Wildcat Way. Have a great week.


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