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Human Resources

Holiday Pay Instructions for Timekeepers

Blocking Holiday Pay

When an employee is not eligible for holiday pay, it is the timekeeper's responsibility to block the holiday pay during Rapid Time Entry (RTE).

  1. Submit NEGATIVE holiday hours in RTE using earn code 150 (Civil Service holiday pay) or 151 (Administrative Exempt holiday pay). The negative entry alerts the Payroll Office to perform a manual process in order to block the holiday pay.
  2. Report the appropriate number of leave without pay hours including the holiday hours.

Holiday Pay Eligibility

Holiday pay eligibility is determined by employee group, as provided in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 357-31-010, the WFSE (Bargaining Unit 1) and PSE (Bargaining Unit 3, 4,  6, 7, 8 & 9) Collective Bargaining agreements, or Exempt Policy / Procedures.

If you have any questions concerning eligibility for holiday pay or the reporting of leave without pay for those individuals who do not meet the eligibility requirement, please call your area's Human Resource Consultant.

Holiday Equivalent Time (Classified Employees Only)

If a holiday falls on a full-time employee's scheduled day off and the employee will earn holiday equivalent time, then:

  1. Submit NEGATIVE holiday hours in RTE using earn code 150 (Civil Service holiday pay).
  2. Submit 8.00 hours in RTE using earn code 155 (Holiday Equivalent Time).

Example: Classified employee's work schedule is Tuesday through Saturday and the holiday is on Monday. The holiday fell on the employee's scheduled day off and no alternate day is being switched for the holiday. Based on employee's FTE being 1.00, the timekeeper would:

  1. Enter 8.00 hours at code 155 in RTE (which records 8.00 hours of Holiday Equivalent Time in the system for the employee to use at a later date).
  2. Enter - 8.00 hours at code 150 in RTE. (Note: the 8 hours do not load to the system; this is just a way to let payroll know to remove the holiday wording from pay system. The total hours for the week (40 hours) are not affected.)

Note: Part-time employees shall receive holiday equivalent time on the same prorated basis that their monthly schedule bears to full-time employment. Substitute the number of hours that represent the part-time employee's FTE, in place of the 8 hours used in the instructions shown above. (Example: for 75% FTE employee, use 6 hours to represent the holiday.)