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Getting Ready to Go (URP Members)

Transitioning from Work to Retirement

It takes time and study to fully understand the options when converting your savings to retirement income.

Many people are concerned that their retirement income will:

  • be adequate to meet expenses,
  • not run out during their lifetime,
  • keep pace with inflation,
  • be flexible enough to meet unexpected expenses,
  • continue for their spouse's lifetime after they're gone,
  • and that they'll have adequate health insurance

As you consider retirement it's a good idea to:

Countdown to Retirement

About 3 months before retirement:

  • Order the forms to being receiving income from your fund sponsor
  • Contact Social Security to begin receiving income

About 1 month before retirement:

  • Return the completed income forms to Social Security and your fund sponsor
  • Sign up for continued medical insurance with the benefits office

Other Information

Be sure to visit the web pages on estimating your retirement income.

NOTE: The University and the Benefits Office staff cannot provide investment advice to employees.