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Footnotes to the Employment and Effort Reports

Employment and Effort Reports are generated on a quarterly basis from point-in-time data in the HR/Payroll system. The reports are run the second payroll of each academic quarter - Fall 10/25, Winter 2/10, Spring 4/25.

Viewing the reports

Access is available through Safari (PeopleSoft) log in and is granted either for the entire university or for one division or college, depending on the individual's business need. The reports download into excel pivot tables, with expand/collapse and filtering functionality.

While these features are very useful, users must exercise care while manipulating the pivot table features to prevent corrupting the data. Once reports have been downloaded and manipulated by the user, we cannot guarantee the accuracy. Users should only save the reports in an appropriately secured file location. Please do not distribute the data you have access to beyond your authority.

If you need assistance with navigation or opening the reports, please contact Dale Lonowski (x2407) or Kristi Gladen (x2392).

About the data

Because reports are based on point-in-time payroll data, they may differ from budget and actual expenditures for multiple reasons, including vacant positions, temporary assignments, and job changes. The underlying data for these reports is stored in a reporting table available to query.

FTE is expressed as a percent of full time, not adjusted for number of months appointed. (Example: A full time position is represented as 1.0, whether it is for 9 or 12 months.)

Salary is the expected annual salary for the position, based on the appointed months as of the date of the report. All payments associated with a job are included, except for faculty multiple-site compensation, staff overtime, and non-work related pay, such as cell phone allowance.

Components of Pay (Faculty Effort) is based on information submitted on PAF's and may differ from initial workload plans. While the display for effort is rounded to the nearest percent, dollar value calculations are not rounded. When the report is collapsed to the department or college, dollar values are summed for the area, while work load is displayed as the average. The average is not weighted based on individual's salary.

Estimate Benefit Costs is the expected employer cost, calculated as follows:

Permanent positions and one-year appointments -

Health insurance cost as of the date of the report
Retirement, based on rates for the individual's plan and expected salary
Social Security/Medicare taxes
Labor and Industries insurance
Faculty LTD insurance

Adjunct faculty appointments -

For individuals who also hold a permanent position, a rate of 15% of salary is applied
For individuals who hold only quarterly appointments, a rate of 25% of salary is applied

(Actual benefits eligibility for an adjunct is based on the individual's employment over time, and employment at other higher education institutions. So, while the aggregate adjunct benefit costs on this report are very close to actual costs, there may be wide discrepancies between this report and actual cost on an individual or department level.)

If you have questions about these reports or would like to request access, please contact Kirk Eslinger at

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