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Human Resources

February 2012

Subject - Water Suppliers

Question: Why does the University allow departments and programs to contract with portable water suppliers like "Culigans"? Is the water on campus that bad? NO, Some offices that have water water service have water fountains located within 10 -20 feet of the office. There is no policy or state requirement to provide water in staff work centers. I think it is a waste of money. What is also a misuse of the service is employee fill up gallon jugs to take home bottles of water from work. There are water fountains located in every building and most offices have break rooms with either fountains or sinks in which to fill up glasses or bottles of water to drink at their desks. This should be an area where budgets can be cut back. Also the Office of Business Services and Contracts should also look at how offices and departments are failing to honor contracts and filling up private bottles of water and using "The Culigan Water coolers" this is defrauding the owner and failing to follow the contract. Also offices even purchase coolers which is also a waste of University resources,If the University is going to allow for water coolers in offices then there should be a blanket contract for the whole campus. WATER FROM THE TAP TASTES GREAT!

Forwarded to: Bruce Porter - Director, Business Services & Contracts

Response: CWU has three separate contracts with Culligan Water. The largest is for the deionized water purification system installed in the Science building that runs the entire buildings water used in the fish tanks as well as all the labs. It is a large system that was installed when the building was built and does not provide water for drinking since it is deionized. The second contract is located in Yakima at a leased property for the HEP people located in the old Nob Hill Shopping Center where they teach GED programs. The room that is leased does not have access to a water cooler since it is an old retail center. The third contract is for a water fountain located in the Welcome Center building which is also on a lease. This building also does not have a water cooler anymore with the remodeling that was performed by the new owner before the University started leasing thus the need to have a leased water cooler.

Outside of those three areas and really only two of the areas have water coolers, CWU is not paying for any other contracts with Culligan. We are aware that some employees have gathered together and pay for water cooler service out of their own pockets on a monthly basis but that is not something that the University is helping to support. Those employees have made a personal decision about what water to drink and the University respects that decision. If there are further questions, please feel free to contact me at 509-963-2354 or

Subject - Funded Project IDs

Question: What project id's were funded this academic year in fund 001?

Forwarded to: Scherry Sinclair - Budget Office

Response: On the budget website, you can find the funding under reports and then FY12 Initial Allocations State.

Subject - Swap Webpage

Suggestion: Provide a swap web page (similar to for sale page) where faculty/staff could list department items that will be going to surplus after 10 days if unneeded by another department. This would provide for timely transfer of usable items between departments, current money will not be used to purchase items already owned by CWU and only tagged items will need to involve Surplus Department (with a transfer form).

Forwarded to: Dave Moffatt - CWU Surplus

Response: Thanks for the inquiry! We don't provide a "running list" for dept's since the bulk of merchandise received here at the CWU Surplus Whse is either broken or non-supportable equipment, ie; out dated computing devices, and audio visual equipment. Other items here at the Surplus Warehouse are abandoned property from the students. Dept's may, and do call us with requests for certain items prior to ordering. Our dept is always here to assist dept's M-F from the hours of 7AM-5PM. If we don't have what a dept is in need of, often times, we can direct that dept to others, such as Custodial, Build Maint, Media Support, Computer Support Services and Fac. Mgmnt/Space Analyst. In order to maintain all "checks n balances" dept's still need to process a CWU Transfer Form for all State property being declared surplus. I see this web page as being extremely time consuming and inefficient due to: web page maintenance, dept's moving items from one dept to another (union bargaining agreements), and possible lack of paperwork following merchandise from one dept to another. Hope this helps!

Subject - University Way Patrol

Question: Who patrols University Way between Pearl and Chestnut? The speed of traffic is outrageous. I just crossed at D & Univ Way (Tues, 10.4.11, 1:05 p.m.) and a guy ran the red light going about 45 miles an hour; each day people are speeding and running red lights and there are never any cops around. With the revenue received from handing out speeding tickets maybe the city/campus could buy traffic cameras to catch all these speeders and light runners. Why don't you change the speed limit to "go like hell"? I'm really sick of it all!

Forwarded to: Mike Luvera - Director of Police Services

Response: University Way is a City Street and primarily patrolled by the Ellensburg Police Department (EPD). The University Police Department does a certain level of traffic enforcement on University Way and other streets in and around our campus. Also, we don't receive any revenue from the issuance of speeding or other infractions. I have sent your concern to EPD.

Subject - Juice Bar

Question: A juice bar!! I feel that instead of having two coffee stands in the SURC, how about making one a juice bar. I feel like it would make a lot of money since the gym is always packed so there has to be A LOT of health guru's out there that would love fresh juice! I know at least 10 people that think its a good idea!!

Forwarded to: Dan Layman - Director of Dining Services

Response: Thank you for the suggestion regarding a juice bar. For us, the smoothie bar has done well. In checking with other schools, juice bars focus on a very small group of people. A juicer is very expensive and when we looked into the concept before and we just do not have the room refrigerated storage and because we would be working with fruits and vegetables, the spoilage is much greater. Also the price would be closer to the large smoothie $5.00 and the size of the portion would be a small smoothie. We would also have to drop the smoothie concept for the juice concept and it just does not work out at this time. We also offer Naked Juice products at the C-Store and they are a close substitute but there is really not much interest in them. We sell 12 naked juice to 100 smoothies.

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