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Human Resources

February 2011

Subject - Expanding Asian Food Options

Suggestion: Could dining services expand the asian food options to include Vietnamese sandwiches? Vietnamese sandwiches are cheap and delicious. I find the asian options limited and hope a wider inventory could be provided at cheaper options. Eating burgers and fries is one of the unhealthiest foods which dining services specializes in.

Forwarded to: Dan Layman - Director of Dining Services

Response: Thank you for the suggestion. I will have to research what a Vietnamese sandwich is and I will also have to check out what is involved in the making of them. I talked to our chef at Wellingtons and he is going to research it and then try serving them at Wellington's to see what is all involved and the response to them. If it involves assembling them and making them to order, it might be hard to do in our existing Asian station. But we will see.

Subject - Surveillance/Security Cameras

Suggestion: On Friday, January 28th I received a call from CWU Alert about a woman being attacked. I believe that there should be more campus security officers. It seems to me like they put up the emergency lights and you have to go so far to find one and we are in a new century where everyone has a cell phone anyway. I suggest putting in more of those or less of those and having more human officers out there or some surveillance or something.

Forwarded to: Steve Rittereiser - AVP, Business Auxiliaries and Public Safety

Response: Thank you for your support for additional campus patrol officers. Central consistently reviews its security measures to make sure there is an appropriate balance of hardware and human resources to effectively provide a high level of safety and security. Our CWU Alert system is one of the technologies designed to inform you quickly when there is a serious incident you need to know about. Our police officers continue to serve in a philosophy of community oriented policing that emphasizes public safety officers and our campus community working together to achieve a safe campus environment.

Subject -Undergraduate Hoods

Question: Do undergraduate students have a hood for commencement? Many universities have hoods for undergraduates to wear and it symbolizes all the hard work a graduate has gone through. I have participated in 2 commencement ceremonies: for high school and community college. Both at which no student had hoods. I feel that students being at a university with its symbolic representation of having done 4 years of coursework deserves to have a hood at commencement. To my family, and many others, school is very important and takes a lot of hard work and determination. Please consider having hoods for undergraduates. It may not seem like a big deal to the administration, but to us students, it means a lot.

Forwarded to: Tracy Terrell - Registrar

Response: Central Washington University has determined that hoods will be worn by our Master Degree recipients, only. However, we will take this suggestion to the Commencement Committee for review. If it is decided that undergraduates should also wear a hood, then we will implement it for Commencement 2012. We do understand the hard work and dedication that students put into their degree programs, and there are several other ways that CWU recognizes these efforts. Central does award honor cords for special programs, international studies, veterans, and a variety of other programs. We also recognize our undergraduates by the granting of university honor cords. We do try to keep the cost of regalia down for our students, and when we consider this request, we look at the financial obligation to the student, as well. This will be taken under consideration. Thank you.

Subject - University Center Signage

Question: Why are there no signs that identify CWU Des Moines on Highway 5, 99 or at the entrance to the parking lot? No one knows we are there and it is impossible for CWU Visitors to identify. This could provide great advertisement of our university centers for free and give people a clue we exist. Other competing universities have signage on the highways.

Response: The DOT has specific guidelines that allow for signs to be posted on I-5 and up until three months ago they indicated we did not meet those requirements. We now have the contact information to proceed with the request and are working with the facilities management department on campus to assist in this effort. The biggest issue is that the DOT no longer pays for the signs to be posted and we will have to identify scarce resources to achieve the postings - difficult for current times. We are in communication with the community colleges to partner with them to have both their name and ours on the same sign - which if achievable will save us significant dollars. This effort will be seeking shared signage opportunities for all of our university centers sites around the state.

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