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Human Resources

February 2010

Subject - Athletic Events

Comment: I am a male that was told that I could not enter the basketball arena to watch CWU lady and men basketball games with my backpack. I was directed to place it in a pile with other stuff on the floor near a table in an unsecured area to the left of the doorway to enter, or leave the arena. My backpack usually contains books, records, camera and other materials I use at the library or elsewhere. I would like to keep these valuable items in my possession rather than dump them in an unsecured area accessible to everyone else in the arena. Then, I notice females are allowed to enter the arena with purses larger than my backpack. I have packed around foreign countries for weeks with less storage than is contained in some of these purses. Why is a huge purse allowed while a smaller backpack is not? Is this but another double standard? How about we adopt a reasonable alternative, either NO extra baggage items, or allow purses AND backpacks? Or do I need to address the President or some others with this female vs male diversity in mind? Thanks. I was a student last summer and an auditing student now.

Forwarded to: Jack Bishop - Athletic Director

Response: We have a sign posted that back packs, fanny packs, coolers, bags or containers of any size are not allowed in the gym during athletic events. We place the back packs or any other possible large item in an area where there are generally two athletic staff persons placed. We do look at/in over sized hand bags and if necessary we secure them as well. This is security precaution and for the safety of all in attendance. Our athletic staff are always looking toward a better resolution to address oversized items at Athletic Events.

Subject - Clubs and Recognized Organizations

Comment: We have all these clubs and recognized organizations, but I have NO idea where to find them. I've heard from friends in other colleges that they have a building dedicated for just that. I'm not suggesting a building, but maybe a certain room here on campus. I would like to get involved more, but I can't find some clubs and orgs information, but I hear about them. Having a certain location where a representative would be, would surely be helpful.

Forwarded to: Marian Lien, Acting Director - Diversity Education Center

Response: There is a certain room devoted to collecting information about the 140 plus clubs and organizations we have available at CWU. Students can come upstairs to the 2nd floor of SURC, in the ASCWU-BOD office, and get info about what clubs and when and where they meet for meetings. Furthermore, the four centers along the same corridor are open to any students interested in volunteering with projects from leadership to civic engagement to diversity-related events to gender exploration. For more information, feel free to contact me at 509-963-1685.

Subject - University Suggestion Box Responses

Comment: I think that there needs to be a can-do attitude adjustment to the answers given in this forum. Looking over the answers to suggestions on this site, the answers lean heavily toward the reasons that the suggestions can't work rather than how they could work. Some answers don't even give a reason why they won't work. The suggestions seem to be dwindling down. I think it is due to all the previous suggestions consistently being shot down.

Response: Thank you for your comment. We will be working on addressing this issue.

Subject - Welcome Center

Comment: The welcome center looks great! The colors look sharp and the location is perfect! PLEASE remember to paint the curb right in front of the building. It is very chipped and the only distraction from a spectacular looking facility. Thank you!

Response: Thank you for your comment. The curb will be painted soon.

Subject - Presidential Address

Comment: During the the Presidents talk (1-28-10) one of the people taking pictures had a "VERY" noisy camera. This was very distracting and made it hard to hear what was being said. If it had happened only a couple of times it would have been easy to ignore. This went on throughout the talk. I understand that publicity is important, but I also think that being able to hear what our President has to say takes priority. Thank you.

Response: Thank you for your comments about the excessive camera noise at the president's state of the university address. We regret you were unable to hear Dr. Gaudino's remarks clearly. If you would like to listen to any part of the address you may have missed, it is available on CWU iTunes, click on administration, item 36]. Also, for future addresses, we will encourage our photographer to minimize time devoted to official photographs as a courtesy to the audience.

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