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Human Resources

Faculty PAF

Form title: "Faculty Personnel Action Form"

Section A: Employee

  1. Enter Last Name, First Name, and Middle Initial as it appears on Social Security Card
  2. Enter Employee ID #
  3. Enter appropriate salutation (Dr., Mr., Ms.)
  4. Enter Supervisor (typically will be the appointing authority, NOT department chair) Position Number and Title

Section B: Assignment

  1. Enter Effective Date (1st or 16th of month)
  2. Enter End Date (must be payroll end date - 15th or last day of month or continuous for tenure-track) (Note: If I-9 indicates temp. alien, end date of assignment cannot exceed work authorization end date.)
  3. Enter Contract period if different from Effective (payroll) dates
  4. Enter Department Name (where faculty member actually works)
  5. Enter Department Number (where faculty member actually works and which may be different from the department budget charged salary. See section C-9)
  6. Enter 3-digit Location (Time Keep) Number
  7. Enter Mail Stop (where employee receives mail)
  8. Select an Action and Reason(s). Use the explanation/comments section to explain in detail any action or reason as necessary. Wage increase MUST have a comment (adjustment, equity, grievance, merit, retention)

Section C: Job Information / Payroll

  1. Enter the Job Code Number for the assignment. Note that this may be slpit into multiple Job Codes in box C-13 if multiple budgets are used for this assignment.
  2. Enter Job Title (Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, etc.
    1. Job Title and Job Code must match
      1. 000001 - Professor
      2. 000002 - Associate Professor
      3. 000003 - Assistant Professor
      4. 000005 - Lecturer (ADJ/FYR)
      5. 000007 - Coach (NTT)
      6. 000018 - Senior Lecturer
  3. Enter Rate Code.
  4. Standard hours (40 x % FTE)
  5. Example: 40 x .75 FTE = 30 hours
  6. Enter FTE (% of Full-time)
    1. PeopleSoft Note: decimals may go out 3 places
    2. Example: 68.5% =.685
    3. If FTE totals more than 1.00 FTE, amount of assignment that is greater than 1.00 must be separated and entered on a separate stand alone PAF. Example: 1.25 FTE = 1.00 on first PAF and .25 FTE on second PAF. Amount of salary and percent of budget will also need to be calculated for each.
  7. Pay Group - Check the appropriate box as it applies to this assignment.
  8. Enter code for the Holiday Schedule appropriate to this assignment
  9. Enter Position Number (If you do not know the position number, for a F09, FYR, FRE appointment, contact the Academic Finanace Manager at ext 2943 or the Budget Office at ext 2305. The position number for ALL ADJ appointments is 29000.
  10. Enter Department Number - matches the 5 digit number associated with the project/grant in FMS and may be different from department number used in Section B
  11. Enter Project/Grant number - matches 8 digit number used in FMS chartfield and enter the appropriate Operating Unit number.
  12. Enter 5-digit Account Code from below that is appropriate for this assignment:
    1. F09/FRE = 51405 (position number must start with 200)
    2. FYR = 51505 (position number must start with 299)
    3. ADJ = 51605 (position number is 29000)
  13. Rate Code, Percent of total, Total $ amt, Semi-$ Amt - only need to complete these fields if using split funding (more than one project/grant)
    1. If more than one budget, the total sum of the percentage for all lines must equal 100%
    2. If there is more than one budget the following must be completed for each budgetline:
      1. Position Number
      2. Department Number
      3. Project Grant Number and Operating Unit
      4. Rate Code
      5. Percent of total for the line
      6. Total $ amount for the line
      7. Semi month rate for the line
  14. If a Fund 145/Grant project is used for compensation enter the full grant PID, the grant end date, and submit to Grant Accounting for signature.

Section D: Compensation

Fill in the Semi-month rate, number of payments, and total amount to be paid
Remember number of pay periods between effective date and end date must match the number of payments listed in this section.

Section E: Signatures

  • Signatures must be in blue ink to signify the original, and should be processed in the numerical order in which they appear on the PAF
  • Keep a copy as necessary
  • If you are paying the employee out of a grant budget, the Accounting Office (ext 1988) must sign the PAF before it is sent to Faculty Records
  • If the employee is being paid out of two or more budgets that fall under two or more appointing authorities, each appointing authority must sign PAF to authorize payment from his/her budget
  • Once the PAF has been processed, the Faculty Records Assistant will forward, as appropriate, to the Budget Office. The budget Office will then return the original PAF to Faculty Records.
  • Faculty Records will send a final copy only to the PAF Originator. PAF Originator should make and distribute other copies as appropriate.
  • The original PAF will be filed in the faculty member's official personnel file.

Questions regarding Faculty PAFs may be directed to Kathy Johnson, 963-3073.

(This page updated November 2008)

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