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Human Resources

Faculty Benefits Enrollment

Completed health insurance and retirement enrollment forms must be submitted to Human Resources in Bouillon Hall 140 (or mailstop 7425) within the first 31 days of eligibility. The life insurance enrollment form must be submitted within the first 60 days of eligibility.

If you choose to waive any coverage, indicate so on the enrollment form. Dental coverage may not be waived.

Call (509)-963-1202 with questions or email

Medical/Dental Insurance

ENROLLMENT FORMS: Completed forms must be returned to HR within 31 days of hire.

1. Employee Medical/Dental Enrollment/Change Form [REQUIRED] If you wish to include family members on your coverage, you will need to provide documents that prove their eligibility along with your enrollment form. Acceptable documents to prove eligibility for your spouse, Washington State-registered domestic partner, or child(ren) can be found here:

Plans available:


Managed care plans:Group Health Classic, Value, or Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
State's preferred provider plan:


Managed care plans:
Preferred provider plan:


Enrollment Guide

Life Insurance

ENROLLMENT FORM Completed form must be returned to HR within 60 days of hire

2. Life Insurance Enrollment Form [REQUIRED]

CWU provides a $25,000 term life insurance policy. Additional coverage is available.

Brief Overview Detailed Plan Booklet

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

ENROLLMENT FORM Completed form must be returned to HR within 31 days of hire

CWU provides basic coverage after 90 days of disability for all benefits eligible employees and additional coverage replacing 60% of salary for faculty with tenure-track or one-year appointments. Part-time faculty  may purchase the additional coverage.

3. LTD Insurance Enrollment Form [REQUIRED]


ENROLLMENT FORMS An election form must be submitted and enrollment completed within 30 days of hire/date of eligibility.

A decision must be made between the Central Washington University Retirement Plan (CWURP) and the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems Teachers Retirement Plan (TRS 3).

4. CWU Retirement Plan Election [REQUIRED]

5. Retirement Status Form [REQUIRED]

Central Washington University Retirement Plan (CWURP)

The CWURP is a defined contribution plan with required contribution rates based on age, immediate vesting, 100% matching contribution by the  university, and a variety of investment options.

You must set up your account online:

6. CWURP Online Enrollment (Plan ID: 58941)

Overview Investment Choices

Employees who have retired from the CWURP or who have retired or are eligible to retire from a position covered by the Washington State Retirement System are ineligible to participate in the CWURP.

Teachers' Retirement System Plan 3 (TRS 3)

The TRS 3 plan consists of a defined contribution component contributed to by the employee and a defined benefit component contributed to by the university.

7. Higher Education Plan 3 Investment Program Form [REQUIRED]

DRS Website Plan Overview
Plan Handbook Investment Choices