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Human Resources

Exempt Employee Association

Chairs Welcome:
"Welcome to the Exempt Employee Association. The EEA is your resource regarding all issues related to your status here as an exempt employee. The association is "employee driven", relying on the participation of its members to carry out all of its business. I encourage and challenge you to get involved and make your voice heard. Please explore our website, join one of our committees, or attend meetings and other sponsored activities. If you want to get involved, have questions or suggestions on how we can better serve you, feel free to contact me at or 509-963-3545."


To provide administrators and professional staff a vehicle through which to:

  • Speak in a united voice;
  • Maintain an educational environment that is conducive to the university's mission of teaching, learning, research, and service; and
  • Recommend to the president on matters relating to administrative and professional staff welfare or morale, personnel policy and procedures.

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