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Human Resources

Equal Opportunity


"Life relies on diversity to give it the possibility of adapting
to changing conditions." ~Margaret Wheatley


iCash PowerPoint Presentation

Documents referred to in presentation:
 - Canada 1 - Canada 5 - Mexico 3
 - Canada 2 - Latin America 1 - Other 1
 - Canada 3 - Mexico 1 - Discrimination Grievances Procedures
 - Canada 4 - Mexico 2 - Investigation Procedures

The Office for Equal Opportunity promotes and supports the university's commitment to develop an inclusive and diverse community of students and employees. OEO works in concert with all segments of the university community including administrators, faculty, staff and students to accomplish its mission.

Oversee the University's compliance with federal, state, and institutional anti-discrimination laws, policies and procedures, and reporting requirements

  • Provide resources in reference to Title IX and Ethics
  • Prepare the University's annual Affirmative Action Plan and assist in its implementation
  • Develop and deliver training programs on affirmative action, equal opportunity/anti-discrimination and diversity topics
  • Resolve and investigate complaints of illegal discrimination
  • Monitor searches for faculty, classified and exempt employees
  • Provide assistance to university departments, units, administrators and groups in relation to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and diversity

Equal Opportunity Committee
Ethics Advisory Committee

HEED Award for Excellence in Diversity

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