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Human Resources

Equal Opportunity Committee


The committee reports to the VP of Business and Financial Services and advises the Executive Director, Human Resources, on policy development, affirmative action plans and processes, and equal opportunity.

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Regularly identify and review areas that may impact equal opportunity such as university waivers or promotion and tenure; and
  • Review complaints, investigative reports and findings of the investigator and determine whether or not the allegations have been substantiated in accordance with the discrimination complaint and resolution policy and procedures for employees.


Member Type Position Member Name Term Ends
  Executive Director, Human Resources Staci Sleigh-Layman N/A
  Investigator, HR Leslie Lindsey N/A


Dean Dean, College of Arts & Humanity Jill Hernandez 6/30/2022
Exempt Employee Diversity Advocate & Outreach Specialist Veronica Gomez-Vilchis 6/30/2021
Exempt Employee Disability Services Wendy Holden 6/30/2022
Faculty Theatre Arts Marc Haniuk 6/30/2021
Ed Dev, Teaching & Learning
Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani 6/30/2020
Faculty Ed Dev, Teaching & Learning YiShan Lea 6/30/2020
Faculty Professor, Health Sciences Melody Madlem 6/30/2022
Faculty Assistant Professor, Apparel Astrid Vidalon Shields 6/30/2022
Civil Service Events Coordinator, Career Services Kristen Paton 6/30/2020
Civil Service IT Customer Support Casey Ross 6/30/2022
Student Student Henry Jennings 6/30/2020
Student Student Diana Lopez-Kirkham 6/30/2020
Student Student Teyonne Scanlan 6/30/2020
Student Student Kollin Trujillo 6/30/2020
Student Student Qion Green 6/30/2020
Student Student Nicolas Couto 6/30/2020

2018-19 Year End Report


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