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Human Resources

Equal Opportunity Committee


The committee reports to the chief of staff and advises the director of equal opportunity on policy development, affirmative action plans and processes, and equal opportunity.

The purpose of the committee is to:
1. regularly identify and review areas that may impact equal opportunity such as university waivers or promotion and tenure; and
2. review complaints, investigative reports and findings of the investigator and determine whether or not the allegations have been substantiated in accordance with the discrimination complaint and resolution policy and procedures for employees.


Member TypePositionMember NameTerm Ends
Ex-officioDirector-At-Large, HR Compliance and InnovationStaci Sleigh-LaymanN/A
Ex-officioAdministrator, Equal OpportunityGail FarmerN/A


Dean, 1Marji Morgan, Dean, College of Arts & Humanities6/30/2015
Exempt Employee, 1 of 2 (female)Michelle Cyrus (Center for Diversity and Social Justice)6/30/2014
Exempt Employee, 2 of 2 (male)Ian Miller (University Housing/New Student Programs)6/30/2015
Faculty, 1 of 4 (male)Gary Ballou (Educational Foundation & Curriculum)6/30/2016
Faculty, 2 of 4 (female)Christine Sutphin (English)6/30/2015
Faculty, 3 of 4 (female)Yukari Amos (Asia/Pacific Studies)6/30/2014
Faculty, 4 of 4 (male)Gil Belofsky (Chemistry)6/30/2014
Civil Service, 1 of 4 (female)Venetta Miller (University Housing/New Student Programs)6/30/2015
Civil Service, 2 of 4 (male)Pat Coffey (Registrar Services)6/30/2014
Civil Service, 3 of 4 (female)Colleen Halvorson (IS/Customer Service)6/30/2016
Civil Service, 4 of 4 (male)Ken Young (IS/Customer Service)6/30/2014
Student, 1 of 2Nikki Cook6/30/2014
Student, 2 of 2Kathryn O'Neal6/30/2014


December 4, 2013, 2pm, Bouillon 205

November 4, 2013, 2pm, Bouillon 205