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Human Resources


Jan Farrell

Employee of the Month for September 2011

Those nominating Jan said:

Jan Farrell, secretary senior for the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, has long been an essential element in the operations of its main office. According to her nominator, Farrell and her dedication to the department created a smooth transition between department chairs at the beginning of the school year—at a time when Farrell, a cyclic employee, was not scheduled to return to work. “Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of . . . Jan Farrell this transition overcame not only the expected adjustments to leadership, but also the unexpected as well! With three, new, non-tenure track faculty joining our department this year, Jan’s knowledge of everything from office key acquisition to CWU account numbers was crucial in helping these new faculty members in the university environment. “[In] November Jan’s efforts at assisting me went beyond the extraordinary.” In addition to her many other duties, Farrell volunteered to drive a guest speaker to the Yakima airport when the chair was suddenly called away. She also prepared last minute drafts of recruitment materials when a new idea for a brochure was introduced. “As a faculty member of nearly 10 years . . . I have long appreciated the assistance Jan has offered and her kind and compassionate nature. Yet on becoming chair I have come to realize that I have only witnessed a fraction of what Jan contributes to the inner workings of our department. It is an honor to nominate Jan Farrell as CWU Employee of the Month.”

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