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Human Resources


Brian Melton
Employee of the Month for November 2011

Those nominating Brian said:

Brian Melton, corporal, Public Safety and Police Services, is Central’s November Employee of the Month. CWU police officers have a well-deserved reputation for keeping our community safe—even when their own lives are threatened. Last fall, while on patrol late one evening, Melton was flagged down by a pedestrian. A young man had smoked “spice” and was now in Wilson Creek “freaking out.” Melton went to the area and found the man in the water “thrashing violently.” Melton requested back-up and began to talk to the man, who didn’t respond and continued to thrash about in the water. As Melton watched, the man suddenly became motionless, rolled onto his back, and sank completely beneath the surface. Immediately, Melton jumped into the water to save the man. The officer pulled the man’s head above water so he could breathe. But once he was breathing again, he began fighting Melton, trying to drag him under water. The corporal’s training and skills enabled him to overcome the attack and keep harm from coming to either of them until help arrived. The man was taken by an ambulance to Kittitas Valley Community Hospital. “If Corporal Melton hadn’t jumped in the frigid waters of the creek, this young man might not be with us. We are extremely thankful that he intervened and no one was injured—or worse—during this violent confrontation,” said his nominator.

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