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Human Resources

EOTM 2011 : MAY

Marisa Christian

Employee of the Month for May 2011

Those nominating Marisa said:

Positive and professional are just some of the attributes ascribed to Employee of the Month Marisa Christian, administrative assistant for Public Affairs. According to her nominators, “Marisa has exceptional customer service skills. She greets everyone with a smile and a willingness to find solutions to any and all requests. Marisa’s positive attitude is infectious and an asset to the department of Public Affairs and the university. “Marisa Christian exemplifies excellence. She gracefully assumed the role of administrative assistant when University Advancement (now Public Affairs) was undergoing major changes in organization. During this time, she facilitated the move of the graphic arts team from the ibrary to Barge Hall, including moving offices of other staff in the area. This involved considerable negotiations with telecommunications, facilities, and other departments around campus. “As [she is] often the first point of contact for our office, she is responsible for the initial impression clients get of our department. Inevitably, Marisa makes that first impression a positive one. “Marisa displays unfailing good humor and a willingness to take on new challenges. In addition to her normal tasks, such as payroll, budget reconciliation, purchasing, and scheduling, she regularly volunteers for additional assignments—’I’ll take care of that,’ is her catchphrase. Recently she offered to ensure that the Welcome Center displayed only the highest quality promotional materials and publications. “In addition, she cheerfully accepted the assignment to become the chief point of contact for and caretaker of the CWU message board at the university’s Welcome Center. This required additional training on a new (and challenging) computer interface. She quickly mastered its nuances and idiosyncrasies and has since made sure that current and pertinent information about CWU is always on display on the electronic sign. She also goes out of her way to view the sign to check to make sure it’s displaying the information correctly. “Recently, Marisa also took on the task of finding a way to display and utilize the numerous publications produced by our unit. She researched the best and most cost-effective way to make that happen. And that is another of her qualities: she is excellent at finding ways to safeguard resources through prudent fiscal management.” Another nominator said, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marisa for many years, as she has twice been the administrative assistance to our department. I’ve also closely collaborated with her during her time in both the Copy Cat Shop and Alumni Relations. Regardless of which department she’s worked with, she has always proven herself to be an invaluable member of the team.” Other colleagues noted, “While the quality and quantity of her work is beyond exceptional, it is her friendly manner and positive, upbeat outlook that further set her apart. She displays good judgment and exceptional communication skills. She is a self-starter, self-motivated, and is extremely capable of producing excellent work both individually and as part of our team. She is unquestionably our Employee of the Month every month and is certainly deserving of the honor.”