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Human Resources

EOTM 2011 : JULY

Toni Burvee

Employee of the Month for July 2011

Those nominating Toni said:

Toni Burvee, program manager, business services and contracts, is July’s Employee of the Month. “I have worked with Toni over the years on cooperative education policy, and learning and affiliation agreement language, and have found her to be an expert in her field,” said one nominator. “[Her coworkers admire] her professionalism, vast knowledge, and common sense. Toni has been instrumental in the review of learning agreement documents, employer and student evaluation documents, foreign internships, issues with online internships, unpaid internships, and insurance. “When assistance is needed with contract and affiliation agreement issues, Toni is a wellinformed expert who demonstrates and shares her knowledge, ability, and wisdom with others. She clearly understands the difficult wording in these contracts/agreements and explains terminology so that it is easily understood. “She has an acute case of attention to detail, necessary for success in her position. Ethics are critical to Toni’s responsibility for oversight and maintaining integrity of contracts. She embodies truth and honesty both personally and professionally. “Above all of these fine attributes, Toni exemplifies a warm humanity that is often absent in today’s work environment.”