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Human Resources


Dawn Varnum

Employee of the Month for January 2011

Those nominating Dawn said:

January's Employee of the Month, Dawn Varnum, is responsible for leading and supervising the enrollmentcenter team within Registrar Services and specifically manages its functions, activities, and work schedules. This critical position monitors deadlines, and communicates information, policies, and procedures to Registrar Services members, and University Center campus staff in order to meet pre-determined timelines. She also plays a key role in the review of student petitions regarding grade changes, tuition appeals, and other student situations as they arise. According to her nominators, Varnum has an innate ability to solve difficult problems on a daily basis. "Students come to Dawn in tears and before you know it, they are walking out with smiles on their faces. When students come in thinking they have no options, they often leave Dawn with a plan, and more than one option to help them accomplish their goals. "Dawn multitasks beyond anyone I have seen in our office-she can maintain all of her job responsibilities while managing a huge volume of phone calls and taking care of walk-in customers. "On the last day of the change of schedule period, Dawn remains at her desk just to make sure there are no last minute enrollments to be processed so that students can get their financial aid. She knows how important it is to our students, and quarter after quarter she remains until 6:30 p.m. so they will get the appropriate funds."

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