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Human Resources


JoAnn Page

Employee of the Month for April 2011

Those nominating JoAnn said:

The April Employee of the Month, JoAnn Page, admissions program support supervisor, supervises, provides leadership, and coordinates the day-to-day operations of the admissions processing team. According to her nominators, Page “makes sure we are up to date on any changes that occur in our department. She is responsible for the training of our department in all aspects of our daily work load [and] follows through in all areas of processing, and the electronic transcripts application downloading. “There is no other person more deserving of the award . . . she doesn’t have the word ‘no’ in her vocabulary in regards to helping someone. “I have not met a more devoted person than JoAnn in regards to training, helping, and mentoring her fellow employees in the admissions department. She is often the first person staff and colleagues call upon when they need something because they know she will get it done. She is committed to teamwork, and quick to praise her staff for a job well done. She does not ask her staff to do anything she isn’t willing to do herself. She works hard to foster collaboration and communication among colleagues and college constituents.” At one point, when admissions had only two processors, “JoAnn and I single-handedly admitted more students in that month than had been admitted in the year. We came in on weekends and stayed late to get the job done. It is an honor to write this letter of recommendation for JoAnn.”

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