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Human Resources


Employee of the Month for November 2010

Those nominating Tinja said:

Tinja Wyman, senior administrative assistant in music, maintains a finely-tuned department. Todd Shriver, the new chair of the department, remarked that "her patience in helping me learn the CWU/Washington State way of doing things never ceases to amaze me. Even with twenty-one full-time faculty, twenty adjunct faculty, more than 300 majors, and a department that hosts festivals that involve thousands of students, and produces hundreds of performances each year, Tinja gets the job done in a timely [and professional] fashion. Another colleague noted that "she manages to squeeze out an almost super-human productivity from those she supervises. . . . The university is a better place because of employees like Tinja Wyman. "Perhaps most important - she is simply a nice person. Not only does she care deeply for the colleagues, faculty, and students with whom she works, she also shows her commitment to her family - all the while encouraging and leading a staff by her example. "She is always looking for ways to streamline all tasks. We now have an online calendar for our concert and recital halls. We also have a faculty page with everything from textbook desk copy request forms to travel requests and more - all easily accessible. "I could not ask for a better employee."

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