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Human Resources

EOTM 2010 : JULY

Ginger Linnell

Those nominating Ginger said:

July employee of the month and new retiree Ginger Linnell coordinated and maintained the production and design of the official on-line University catalog, as well as the hard copy catalog. She was responsible for maintaining and submitting suggestions for future enhancements to the automated catalog management system. Linnell retired at the end of August. One co-worker commended Linnell's "committed work ethic," noting that "Ginger always took extra time to help me understand the catalog process." If a problem or error with the catalog was brought to her attention, she quickly traced the root of the problem and promptly corrected it. "She has a well-deserved reputation in our office of being extremely courteous and likable when dealing with anyone or any problem. She never loses her cool and is the height of professionalism," said her nominators. The university catalog is extremely compl- icated entity and Linnell handled it "with a grace and dedication that only comes with a true passion for the job. Her job required her to master many different technologies and always be adaptable to changing policies, methodologies, and software." Another nominator commented, "[Ginger] has always been very accommodating while at the same time maintaining the consistency, attention to detail, and adherence to rules necessary to make the CWU catalog accessible, accurate, and useful. Her work, although mostly behind the scenes, has allowed thousands of students to more efficiently attain their degrees and hundreds of faculty to better assist them." 

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