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Lori Lafleur

Those nominating Lafleur said:

Lori LaFleur, Student Financial Services, Cashier 2, is a real treasure, according to her colleagues. "It is hard to know where to begin when trying to highlight Lori and her contributions to the office," reported her nominators. "Lori always has a smile for everyone. Whether it is for her coworkers, students, parents, or colleagues on campus, you see it on her face and hear it in her voice. This is especially important because of the high percentage of time that she spends on the phone with students and parents. She is readily available to answer questions and if she doesn't know an answer she knows where to find it. "Many times I have heard Lori working with an irate student or parent and I am truly amazed at her calm exterior and helpfulness. She listens thoroughly . . . and does whatever is in her power to resolve the situation. Lori excels at customer service. "She is always looking for ways to make our office more efficient and has voluntarily taken on additional duties and projects. She is cheerful, efficient and quickly fulfills her duties, which include customer service and receiving payments on SAFARI from individuals in person as well as on the phone. She is also responsible for bimonthly receipts of Perkins loan payments and distributes payroll and student refund checks. "She has an amazing sense of humor which helps keep our office a friendly and fun place to work."

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