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Robert McKenzie

Those nominating Rob said:

CWU's Employee of the Month for August, Rob McKenzie is the sole locksmith on CWU's Ellensburg campus, which has more than 8,000 individual locks plus all the associated door hardware. Nominators wrote: "Rob has always been very helpful for the Wildcat Shop when it comes to helping us with our safes, locked doors, and problem entry gates. He always is prompt and does the work with a cheerful attitude and a smile. "For many years, Rob has converted all the academic halls to summer conference program locks over the graduation weekend. This is a big job that requires accuracy and speed. "Rob is an inspiration and a perfect example of someone who has job dedication and pride. Rob has a wealth of knowledge and he is always willing to share it or use it to benefit other workers and the university. He has the capability of seeing the big picture - he treats all of us as if we are the most important customers and is always accommodating to the last minute requests. "Handling the complexities of all of the buildings own intricate key systems, working with new technology and adapting to demanding departments needs and crisis, he is extremely near perfection at this job. "I have worked at more than four universities in my career and Rob is by far the best professional and skilled locksmith I have come across. I believe that all who work with Rob have very high trust in him and know that he has high integrity in his job duties." McKenzie's father was Central's previous locksmith and they worked together for a short time.