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Human Resources

EAP Monthly Tips

The Employee Assistance Program offers monthly tips that Human Resources will be posting here as well as on Central Today and the Staff Intranet.  On this page, you will view the current tip of the month and previous tips of the month.  Distribute the information as you may like within your department.  Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.  Please contact Veronica Gomez-Vilchis at (509) 963-2205 or by email,  We hope you enjoy this month’s Tip Sheet.

Human Resources/Employee Assistance Program Tip of the Month:

December 2013 Tip: Tips Coping with Grief and Loss During the Holidays
December 2013 Tip: Helping Others Cope with Grief and Loss During the Holidays

October 2013 Tip: Understanding Depression

September 2013 Tip: Dealing with Customer Service Stress

August 2013 Tip: Dealing with Workplace Negativity

July 2013 Tip: How to Reduce Commute to Work Stress

June 2013 Tip: Workplace Injury: Stress and Recovery

May 2013 Tip: Preventing Identity Theft

April 2013 Tip: 10 Tips to Fight Stress

March 2013 Tip: Improving Communication in the Workplace

February 2013 Tip: Understanding Conflict in the Workplace

January 2013 Tip: Giving and Receiving Feedback