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Weekly Wisdom 3-9-2016

Post Date: 
Wednesday, March 9, 2016

From the Rant and Rave section of The Seattle Times, Sunday, March 6, 2016:

RANT AND RAVE: Rant to the bus rider whose 20 minutes' phone conversation at an astounding decibel level told all of us way more than we want to know: that she’s in orientation this week, she’s disgusted with her ill mother for being scared, her underperforming children aren’t working, and she has no awareness or regard for her fellow passengers. Rave to my Metro-mates for not grabbing this woman’s phone and tossing it out the window.

Take-away: Just because you can use a cell phone just about anywhere, doesn’t mean you should. 

From a press release on the new SAT test which will focus less on obscure vocabulary: “The abstruse vocabulary words of the SAT have engendered prodigious vexation in millions…The new SAT will be more trenchant and pellucid, and the format will no longer pertinaciously reward student who punctiliously engage in the antediluvian praxis of committing idiosyncratic words to memory.”

Take-away: Phew! Really? Thank goodness SAT takers don’t have to understand that press release!

Ever watched Sunday Morning, CBS news magazine available locally from 7-8:30am on (duh!) Sunday mornings?  If you sleep in on the weekend, you can watch individual episodes on-line at It’s anchored by Charles Osgood (anchored for years by Charles Kuralt until his death). 

I’ve enjoyed recent stories on:
Meghan Trainor: More than just the bass. This 22-year old singer/songwriter doesn’t have the svelte body that so many singers have. She’s having a positive impact on young people.

Celebrating 100 years of our National Parks. A couple times each month the show airs a story about one of our less known national parks.
Kid Rock: For the Record. He lives in Detroit where he grew up. Born Robert Richey, he was known as “that white kid who rocks,” hence his professional name. I gained respect for this guy and his love for Detroit by watching this story.
In the Dark over Power Grid Security. “When the lights go out, we usually know why: Mother Nature is at it again...But what if the power went out in a number of states affecting millions of people for weeks, even months?”

Check it out Sunday Morning if you get a chance!

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