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Weekly Wisdom 11-9-2015

Post Date: 
Monday, November 9, 2015

Rituals for Replenishment

Just as strengthening your immune system keep you healthy despite constant exposure to germs, cultivating positive energy lessens your vulnerability to those things that steal your energy.  Start by looking at what’s around you – you can draw positive energy from the foods you eat, the music you listen to, even the colors you wear.

“Physical energy has a great impact on emotional energy, and vice versa,” says Jon Gordon, author of Energy Addict.  To keep both plentiful, get ample sleep, eat vitamin-rich foods, exercise each day, and monitor your stress levels.  “When you’re tired, burnt out, or sick, you’re more susceptible to low energy attacks.”
Spiritual replenishment – via meditation, prayer, or other practices – also enhances your vitality.  Try these daily soul-fortifying rituals to bring more good vibes into your life.

Say Thank YOU. Gratitude wards off negativity, says Gordon, who suggest taking a daily 10-minute “thank-you walk” to zero in on pressing matters.  “If you’re at work and dreading a meeting that’s coming up,” he says, “then take a walk around your office and say to yourself, “I know I’m stressed about this meeting, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to have it.”

Start a success journal.  Devote a few minutes to recording each day’s accomplishments, big and small.  You’ll always be able to come up with at least one thing to write about.  “The more you focus on success, the more success you create,” says psychiatrist Judith Orlott, M.D., author of Positive Energy.

Do a 3-minute meditation. You don’t need to overhaul your routine to fit in a rejuvenating mediation practice.  For three minutes each day, go to a quiet space, sit down, turn off your cell phone, and concentrate on taking deep, slow breaths.  “Focus on a positive image, like a child’s face or a red apple,” Orlott suggests.

Check your emotional health.  If there’s a problem you’re struggling with – a breakup you can’t get over, dissatisfaction with your career – you’ve made yourself a target.  “The energy vampires that get to us reflect what we haven’t worked out in ourselves,” says Orlott.  “But if we begin to heal, there isn’t the same pull"

Be accountable.  Observe how and with whom you choose to spend your time.  “Take inventory of the people in your life,” Orlott advises. “List the ones who energize you and the ones who drain you.”  While it may be impossible to rid your life of energy zappers altogether, you can choose to spend more time with the friends and family members who help your spirit shine.  You’ll likely end up finding your way to people who bring more radiance into your life.  “If we work on our energy needs,” says Orlott, “we begin to attract people with more positive energy.”

  From Natural Health, October 2005


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