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Doers. Dreamers. Trailblazers.

Doers. Dreamers. Trailblazers.

I saw this tag line in the Chronicle of Higher Education last week. The advertisement uses these words to describe the faculty at another institution. It got me thinking. I checked with to ensure I knew the meanings of each word.

A doer is described as a person (duh!) that does something, especially a person who gets things done with vigor and efficiency. A doer is driven, a go getter who wants results. In Australia, a doer is someone who is amusing or eccentric…a character. 

A person who lives in fantasy, who is impractical and unrealistic is a dreamer.  But a dreamer can also be imaginative and idealistic. They embrace new things and can be catalysts for change

A trailblazer is one who blazes a trail for others to follow through the wilderness or unsettled country; a pathfinder; or a pioneer in any field.

Seems to me we usually use words like this to describe what people are. This week I’ve been thinking about these as aspirational characteristics. I’m generally seen as a doer, both in my professional and personal life. So, is it possible to add a little dreamer to my profile? How might I do that? I started with Google, of course, but the search engine wouldn’t hold when I asked how to move from doer to dreamer. It flipped the question: 5 Ways Dreamers Can Become Doers; Dreamer to Doer: 7 Practical Steps for Taking Action and Seeing Results; and my favorite: How You Can Go from Being a Dreamer to a Doer in Less than 15 Minutes. Seems the Internet, probably the culture we live in, appreciates doing more than dreaming. I persevered. After much searching, I found a website that has advice for doers like me! Here’s what had to say:
1. Team up with a dreamer to help you to not lose direction.
2. Try to be open to possibilities and embrace change. Find someone who has a different perspective than you, and does things differently so you can learn from them and try it their way.
3. Give yourself permission to dream bigger.  Take time to dream and look at the big picture.
4. Remember that you can’t do it all yourself; it’s OK to ask for help.  Or to tell people no, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
5. Be curious and confident and try to think outside of the box, like a dreamer would.
So, I guess the moral of the story is to find strategies to complement your perspective. Work together with someone to ensure that you have considered the dream, prior to taking the action. Make sure you’ve considered various paths before choosing one.
Have a great week. Enjoy the beginning of fall!



Thanks Staci- I think I'm a hybrid doer and dreamer.

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