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Human Resources

Classified Staff Vacation (Annual) Leave Reminder

Avoid Losing Accrued Annual (Vacation) Leave

There are two significant dates on the leave system that control separate functions. Depending on an individual's employment history, these dates may or may not be the same. Explanations of the dates are given below.

  1. LEAVE ACCRUAL DATE: This date controls the rate at which annual leave is accrued, and is adjusted for periods of leave without pay in accordance with Washington Administrative Code or the CWU Bargaining Unit Agreements. Previous state service also affects this date.
  2. ANNIVERSARY MONTH: The first day of the month of the most recent date of hire into state service. This controls when annual leave voluntarily accrued beyond the 240 hour maximum is erased from the records.

PLEASE NOTE: Any leave voluntarily accrued prior to the anniversary month, beyond the 240 hour maximum, must be used prior to the beginning of the ANNIVERSARY MONTH or it will be lost.

  • Example:
    Leave Anniversary Month = November (you were hired any day in the month of November) 
    Annual leave balance, including accrual for the month of October, as of November 1st must be at or below 240 hours. Any hours above 240, as of November 1st, would be deducted from your balance.

Leave balances can be found by signing in to MyCWU, selecting "Content", and then checking the "Employee Leave Summary" check box under CWU Dashboard.

It is your responsibility to monitor your leave balances and know your leave anniversary month. If you have questions about your anniversary month or annual leave balance, please be sure to resolve them before reaching the 240 hour maximum.

Questions concerning leave balances and anniversary dates should be directed to the timekeeper in your department. Policy or procedural questions may be directed to your Human Resource Consultant (see Contacts or call 963-1202).

  • Non-represented classified employees may view WAC 357-31-215 & 220 for more detailed information.
  • For Represented classified employees covered by the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) contract, provisions of Article 11 of the WFSE Agreement apply.
  • For Represented classified employees covered by the Public School Employees (PSE) contract Article 55 of the PSE Agreement apply.

Donate Excess Leave

Washington Administrative Code and the Bargaining Agreements permit employees to donate some of their vacation leave to a fellow employee participating in the shared leave program. For more information on shared leave, contact your area representative in the Human Resources Office, or visit the HR website: here.