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Human Resources


The information below is provided to assist you in making decisions about your health care, optional coverage, and retirement plans if you leave CWU. Human Resources Benefits staff members are available to answer your questions. To schedule an appointment, call (509)-963-2190. For general benefit information, go to Benefits and Worklife.

Loss of employer provided healthcare insurance:

University provided healthcare insurance coverage ends for faculty, classified and exempt staff on the last of the month an individual either seperates from employment or drops below half time. However, benefits continue during cyclic leave (i.e., off during summer, scheduled to return in the fall).

You may continue your insurance under COBRA on a self-pay basis for up to 18 months. The COBRA enrollment period is 60 days from the date the State Health Care Authority (HCA) mails you COBRA notification. Make sure that CWU has your current address, so that you receive the forms.

Click here for detailed information about each benefit plan and the continuation of coverage.