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The Beatles...Michael Elliott...Joanna and Louise...

The Beatles

Paul McCartney and Ringo Star appeared on Sunday Morning this week. At Shea Stadium in New York City, in August of 1965, they played before 56,000 fans. The sound wasn’t BIG enough, it was so new. Ringo, as the drummer, couldn’t hear the voices. He said, “We played our best, no matter what. And I couldn’t hear them! I was playing, you know, to his foot tapping, to John’s bouncing. You know, and they went (shakes head mimicking Whooooooo!)  I couldn’t hear that. I just saw the head and always the whoo.”

“And the thing is, because we put in some many hours as kids, we instinctively knew what to do as a band,” McCartney said. “We were making a pretty good noise, most of the time. Not always!”

Before a concert at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida, the band was told the audience would be split, white on one side, blacks on the other. They didn’t agree; had written in their contract that the concert wouldn’t be segregated.  In the end, the big stadiums, the craziness of their fans, was too much and they quit performing live in August 1966 after playing Candlestick Park.

A Life Lived to the Fullest

I was reading an old Time magazine and read editor Nancy Gibbs announcement of the death of Michael Elliott, former international editor:

“Michael is one of the very few people I’ve ever known who deserved the description ‘larger than life,'” says TIME editor Nancy Gibbs. “He lived life large, buoyantly, flamboyantly, delightedly chasing the next big idea, spotting the next great talent, inviting us all to his table to listen and learn. He was preacher and teacher, mentor to generations of journalists and model to all of us as editors. We will miss him terribly.

That’s quite a legacy.

Daily Record Managing Editor Joanna Markell and Louise

Joanna Markell announced in the Daily Record on September 12th that she is taking time away from the paper to care for her daughter, Louise. Her daughter has been at Children’s Hospital for several weeks; original symptoms were unexplained seizure and high temperatures. I’ve never met Joanna but I was touched by her story. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Convocation 2016

I spent Tuesday morning with 1900 first-year students, 50+ student ushers, and lots of support staff in putting on Convocation 2016. It’s always one of the best events at the beginning of a new academic year.  A “rite of passage,” CWU Convocation marks the transition of students and the institution into a new stage of life.  It marks the induction of each new student into our academic culture and community.  Additionally, it marks the transformation of CWU as each new student brings their own perspective to campus life. It’s a wonderful ceremony and I encourage everyone to participate next year if you have the chance.  



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