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Human Resources

August 2010

Subject - South Park Benches/Picnic Tables

Question: I think it would be great to have a couple of benches or picnic tables at the park located where Courson and Muzzall once stood. That way people can sit and enjoy it. I know budgets are tight, but maybe facilities could take one from another location on campus?

Forwarded to: Calvin Lang - Facilities Management Department

Response: We will look for something on campus to place in South Park. It may take a couple of days but we should be able to find something suitable. Thanks for the suggestion.

Subject - Pictures on HR Website

Question: How come all the pictures of individuals that are on the Human Resources employment page are generic pictures? None of the photos represent faculty or staff on the campus? Kind of misleading on our diversity and they do not truely represent the University.

Fowarded to: Kirk Eslinger - Human Resources

Response: The Human Resources web pages utilize a mix of generic and CWU-specific photos. The choice of which photo to use is based on what CWU-specific photos area available from existing resources and whether that photo is already used in a prominent location on the CWU web. Understanding that the "Applicants" page "On-line Application" page carry a responsibility to provide a first impression of the university, it is a useful reminder to review the photo selection with that in mind. Thank you for the idea. By making a specific inquiry to Public Affairs we may identify additional photo resources we were not aware of.

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