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Human Resources

April 2010

Subject - Evergreen Trees

Comment: Is it possible for someone to take care of the two beautiful evergreen trees that have been uprooted on the grounds surrounding Wendell Hill Hall? These trees are going to die if something is not done soon. And that would be a waste of not only beautiful trees, but also hundreds of dollars.

Forwarded to: Eric Fraley - Construction Coordinator

Response: The trees have been replaced. The University is working closely with the contractor as it is the contractor's responsibility for the first year. The University will be meeting with the contractor next week regarding landscape and irrigation.

Subject - Safety Issue at Athletic Games

Comment: I enjoyed watching the Rugby playoffs on sat. April 3 but feared for my safety and of those around me as screaming foul balls from the nearby baseball game cleared the netting and peppered the crowd and rugby players alike. One spectator was hit on the side of the head by one of these screaming missiles and could have suffered a life threatening injury. Perhaps the University could upgrade this woefully inadequate net.

Forwarded to: Jack Bishop - Athletic Director

Response: Thank you for your suggestion and also for your interest in attending the Rugby match. That was unfortunate that our conference had scheduled us to play home Baseball double headers; and then at a later date, Rugby had the opportunity to host the Region event. This obviously caused a lot of people to attend two games in a small inadequate area. That being said, we are making an effort to get the Backstop upgraded. Thank you for your concerns.

Subject - Online Payments

Comment: Students and parents want to pay their accounts online, but are having trouble finding the Make A Payment area on the CWU home page. There used to be a Make A Payment icon right on the CWU Home Page, but it is no longer there. It would be less frustrating to both students and parents if that category were there again, instead of having to search for the proper pathway to make a payment. Our office has received many, many complaints about the frustration they have trying to find the way to pay online now. Thanks for your time!

Forwarded to: Becky Watson - Director, Public Relations and Marketing

Response: Thank you for your suggestion, and for bringing forth an issue that parents and students are having with the CWU Web site. The current home page was developed a couple of years ago by a committee made up of representatives from across campus that President McIntyre formed. The committee's quest was to streamline the site. It's very helpful to get feedback on what works and what may need some adjustments. We'll review the site and see how it can be more user friendly for parents and students.

Subject - Conference and Scheduling

Comment: Conference and Scheduling Dept combine. They both do the same function. Why do we have 2 depts doing the same thing?

Forwarded to: Sherer Holter - Chief of Staff

Response: Please review similar comment posted on 3/3/2010.

Subject - Email System

Comment: Please allow us to use a different email system other than groupwise. It is inefficient and clumsy. It would improve customer service, we could have a choice and be able to use outlook which we pay for but do not support

Forwarded to: Carmen Rahm - Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Services

Response: Please refer to the response to a similar suggestion "Replace GroupWise with a more efficient email carrier" in the August 2009 archived responses to the Suggestion Box. That response clearly outlines the high costs of migrating from one email system to another, and the rationale for migrating and not migrating. It is unlikely that CWU will transition to Microsoft's Outlook and Exchange email systems (hosted on campus) for students or faculty/staff. However, with that said, CWU and all the other Universities and Community Colleges in Washington State are jointly looking at alternatives to move email "to the cloud" ... meaning to provide all student, faculty and staff email hosted off campus. Two alternatives are Microsoft's BPOS Service (which uses Exchange), and Google Email/Apps. We are currently in discussions with both of these providers via the Washington Higher Education Technology Consortium (WHETC). It is likely that Universities will be able to choose whichever of these solutions they desire (or neither) if they decide to continue to host their email on campus. There are many issues with hosting email off-campus such as Intellectual Property (IP) rights (there's a lot in the news recently about Google email being stored in other countries, and what the legal implications are), data mining and advertising (many vendors such as Google and MS search all the emails for information to sell, target advertising, etc.). It is highly likely that CWU will consider moving to one of these "hosted" solutions over the next year or two as the legal and ownership issues are worked out in contract, which is the major advantage of working with the WHETC and partnering with UW, WSU, SBCTC and others.

In conclusion, there are always different views and people always think the grass is greener (or the email system is better). I recently spoke with a colleague who moved all their student email to Microsoft's free Student Email Service (Microsoft LIVE). His clear statement was that the students hate it. As noted earlier, our email system allows easy integration with other applications here on campus (Blackboard, PeopleSoft, etc.).

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